Burner control on Marine boilers

Optimize combustion by burner control to reduce your fuel bill
Installing an oxygen system on your combustion process makes sense to consider. The whole world and future generations will benefit from reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The current high cost of fuel has helped to reduce the payback period for the cost of installing oxygen monitoring and air / fuel ratio control.
The 1732 oxygen transmitter is suitable for gaseous oxygen measurements in a variety of processes like burner control on boilers.
The Oxygen measurement is based on the world’s strongest zirconia sensor. This sensor is developed by the CSIRO’s Department of Materials Science and Novatech Controls Ltd. holds the exclusive rights to manufacture this unique sensor. All six generation of Novatech Oxygen transmitters have been designed around this unique sensor. Furthermore these sensors are  manufactured by Novatech Controls since 1980.
burner controlRecommended products on regenerative burners on static boilers:
Model 1732 transmitter with 1231-500mm probes.
Recommended products on auxiliary marine boilers:
Model 1732 with one or two 1231 probes.