Metallurgical engineering


Accurate Carbon Controller for Carburizing Furnaces
Metallurgical Engineering - Model 1734 Carbon ControllerThe Novatech 1734 Carbon Controller performs an in-situ carbon measurement. It also gives a closed loop control for one or two carbon probes in furnace and gas generators. Gas temperatures may go up to 1400°C. Furthermore the controller gives a local indication of carbon percentage and oxygen level. In addition to these values the display shows numerous related measurements.  Not only  calculating the carbon level in a furnace but the 1734 controller can also control the  carbon level with on/off or proportional feedback.
Recommended products for Carbon control on Carburizing furnaces:
Model 1734 transmitter with 1231/1232 probes


Continuous Dew Point monitoring in Annealing Furnaces
Metallurgical Engineering - Model 1738 HC Dew Point TransmitterThe Novatech 1738 detects changes in the dew point of annealing furnaces. This allows operators to take corrective action to prevent expensive re-work due to oxidation of the product. The Dew Point is calculated from the amount of oxygen measured in the furnace. Furthermore the unique sensor uses a catalyst that attracts oxygen molecules. This will result in the same way as the surface of the steel does inside the furnace.
Recommended products for Dewpoint monitoring in annealing furnaces: 
Model 1738
transmitter with 1 or 2 probes .