Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Desktop Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Gas Sampling Analyser Model 1637 MK-II
1637-MKII copyThe 1637-MKII is the re-designed Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyser of Novatech Controls. This re-designed analyser combines the robustness and speed of the original 1637. However now with the more up-to-date features of a current generation gas analyser. In addition to this improvement, the analyser has the  Novatech’s own Zirconia Oxygen sensor, revised to extend sensor life. Paired with a purpose built CO2 measuring cell it offers a unbeatable combination.  Both sample and hold measurement of modified atmosphere packaging as well as for continuous monitoring can be realised. Therefore the Novatech 1637-Mk II Analyser is available in various configurations. It comes also with several application specific accessories.  The analyser comes with or without the Carbon Dioxide sensor.   At a later date the Carbon Dioxide sensor can be added .

Portable Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Gas Sampling Analyser Model 1737
model 1737 copyThe 1737  Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide analyser is the third generation of MAP gas analysers from Novatech Controls. It incorporates a novel zirconia oxygen sensor and an infrared CO2 measuring cell. It brings a new level of automated gas
The 1737 analyser comes with a variety of gas measurement ranges that covers oxygen from ppm levels up 100%, and the option of CO2 and are especially suited to food and beverage applications including:
  • Head space analysis in closed packages
  • Head space analysis in cans
  • Continuous process measurement