Model 1737 Portable Oxygen and CO2 Analyser

portable MAP analyserThis portable MAP analyser is the third generation of MAP gas analysers from Novatech Controls. It incorporates a novel zirconia oxygen sensor and an infrared CO2 measuring cell. It brings a new level of automated gas sampling for the food and pharmaceutical industry.
Accuracy and reliability
The oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors provide accurate and virtually drift-free measurement for years. The oxygen sensor is automatically zeroed whenever the sample is from ambient air and only requires a calibration gas for the ppm  level sensor.
The carbon dioxide is also zeroed whenever the sample is from ambient air and uses a simple keyboard operation for the span calibration.
Automatic operation
The operator does not need to touch the analyser once the product has been selected. Every time the sample gas returns to ambient air the alarm levels are checked, the minimum/maximum measurements are stored and the display is updated. The analyser can then be brought to within 10m of the computer, a button can be clicked on the PC and the data will be transferred by the radio link. It is not necessary to plug a communication cable into the analyser.


Datasheet for model 1737.