Humidity Control at Tissue Production

Because Humidity control improves product consistency and reduces energy costs at directly fired tissue production.
The 1735 / 1231-DF measures the “wet” oxygen level of the process using an in situ zirconia oxygen probe. Furthermore connect the remote 4-20 mA input signal proportional to the dry oxygen level to the analyser. This combination allows to calculate the percentage of water vapour in the process.
If this information is not available from an existing CEMS installation then the 1735 can be supplied with a Reference Gas Sensor ( RGS ). This is a simple sampling system to determine the “dry” oxygen level in the process.


Recommended products on directly fired dryers:
model 1735 for Tissue ProductionModel 1735 transmitter with a 1231-DF probe and optional a RGS-system.



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