Oxygen Transmitter


Oxygen transmitter Model 1732 can optimize combustion what reduces your fuel bill. This helps the whole world and future generations by reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The current high cost of fuel has helped to reduce the payback period for the cost of installing oxygen monitoring and air / fuel ratio control.
It makes sense to consider the benefits of installing an oxygen system on your combustion process.
The 1732 Oxygen transmitter is suitable for gaseous oxygen measurements in a variety of processes. This state of the art analyser with analog and digital outputs will provide the perfect solution for your optimisation of combustion on Boilers, Furnaces, Kills and Generators.
This is the sixth generation of zirconia oxygen transmitters designed and manufactured by Novatech Controls since 1980. This oxygen measurement is based on the world’s strongest zirconia sensor that was developed by the CSIRO’s Department of Materials Science.
Novatech Controls holds the exclusive rights to manufacture this unique sensor.

Specifications :


  • One or two zirconia oxygen probes or sensors
  • One zirconia sensor & auxiliary thermocouple type J, K, R or S
  • Burner “On” signal (dry contact)
  • Purge air flow switch


  • Four programmable alarm relays
  • Two isolated 4-20mA or 0-20mA
  • SSR outputs to purge & calibration check gas with solenoid valves

Range of Outputs

  • Linear oxygen sensor 1
  • Linear oxygen sensor 2
  • Average oxygen
  • Very low oxygen
  • Logarithmic oxygen
  • Reducing oxygen
  • Oxygen deficiency
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Probe EMF
  • Auxiliary temperature
  • Combustibles
  • Burner Efficiency
  • No Output


  • Common alarm relay with 20 user selectable instrument alarm functions.
  • Three programmable process alarm relays for very low oxygen, low oxygen, high oxygen, oxygen deviation,
  • probe temperature low, cal check in progress, purge in progress, plus any alarms that were not selected for the common alarm. Multiple selections can be made for all relays.


Datasheet for model 1732.