Water Vapour Transmitter


Novatech has enhanced its range of analysers by adding the 1735 Water Vapour Humidity Transmitter and the 1231HWV oxygen probe. The 1735 transmitter uses the measure of oxygen to calculate the level of water vapour by using the difference between the wet oxygen reading and the dry oxygen reading.
The Novatech zirconia probes incorporate the world’s most rugged zirconia sensors. Now there is a Novatech oxygen probe designed especially for cooking, baking and roasting ovens.
Used with the 1735 water vapour transmitter, the 1231HWV oxygen probe is capable of reading the oxygen concentration in atmospheres with up to 99.99% water vapour and at temperatures up to 600°C.
The state of the art analyser provides analogue- and digital outputs to feed your process control computer.

Specifications :

Keyboard set in any of the following ranges:

  • 0 to 100% water vapour
  • 0 to 100°C dew point
  • 0.0 to 10.0 g/m3 absolute humidity
  • 0.00 to 1.00 kg/kg Mass fraction
  • 0 to 100% dryer RH
  • 0 to 25% oxygen

All ranges have an adjustable zero and span.


Two isolated 4-20mA or 0-20mA DC linear outputs for

  • Water Vapour %
  • Dew Point,
  • Absolute Humidity
  • Mass Fraction,
  • Relative Humidity,
  • Oxygen and Temperature.


  • 128 x 64 graphic with multiple font sizes


  • Self diagnosis for the transmitter and probe
  • Process levels user configurable
  • 4000 alarm log memory

Speed of Response

  • Typically 3 seconds for indirect fired applications
  • Typically 30 seconds for direct fired applications
Datasheet 1735 for model 1735 analyser