Convenience Food processing

Convenience Food processing is Hot and Humid and a Specialised profession.

Therefore, moisture control is essential as it improves product quality and consistency. It also reduces energy costs for  Food processes.  Novatech has enhanced its range of analysers by adding the 1735 Water Vapour Transmitter. Together with the 1231 High Water Vapour Probe it makes a perfect system. The 1735 water vapour transmitter connected to 1231HWV probes is capable of reading the oxygen concentration in atmospheres with up to 99.99% water vapour and at temperatures up to 600°C.

Besides 2 separate 4-20mA output signals, the analyser is also equipped with a Modbus connection for complete integration in customer PLC Control architecture.

These dual zone systems provide high ROI by improved Yield at lower energy cost and without maintenance cost.


Recommended products:
model 1735 Convenience Food analyserDewpoint control on single zone ovens: Model 1735 transmitter with 1231HWV probe
Dewpoint control on  dual  zone ovens: Model 1735 transmitter with 2 each HWV probes
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