Dew Point Transmitter


HC Dew Point TransmitterThe Novatech 1738 Transmitter detects changes in the Dew Point in annealing furnaces. This  allows operators to take corrective action to prevent expensive re-work due to oxidation of the product. The dew point is calculated from the amount of oxygen measured in the furnace. The unique sensor manufactured by Novatech uses a catalyst that attracts oxygen molecules in the same way as the surface of the steel inside the furnace.
The analyser is easy-to-operate, reliable and maintenace free. Furthermore it is accurate for continuous monitoring of oxygen in hydrogen/nitrogen atmospheres used in annealing furnaces. The unique dual sensor prevents costly shutdowns on sensor failures.


Specifications :

  • One or two zirconia oxygen probes or sensors
  • One zirconia sensor & auxiliary thermocouple type J, K, R, S or N
  • Burner “On” signal (dry contact)
  • Purge air flow switch
  • Four programmable alarm relays
  • Two isolated 4-20mA or 0-20mA
  • SSR outputs to purge & calibration check gas and solenoid valves
Range of Outputs
  • Dew Point -60 to 40C
  • Average Dew Point -60 to 40C
  • Linear Oxygen 0 to 100%
  • Average Linear Oxygen 0 to 100%
  • Reducing Oxygen
  • Average Reducing Oxygen
  • Pre-Reactive Oxygen
  • Average Pre-Reactive oxygen
  • Probe EMF 0 to 1300 mVolt
  • Auxiliary TC Temperature 0 to 1400°C


Datasheet for model 1738.